Friday, March 11, 2011

Bathing Suit

Yesterday I made my daughter a basic bathing suit. She's at an akward stage where she can't fit the clothes in the kids' section and all the bathing suits in the women's section are too revealing. So what's a mom to do???

I pulled out this pattern from the Freecycle box. She had picked out this fabric in all her favorite colors last summer.

I had to shorten it at the waist as she is 5'2"

I absolutely love this pattern, it does not ride up at all.
I believe this pattern is from around 1969-1970 or thereabouts.
This is a good TNT base for my daughter and I and I will for sure be making several versions this summer.

And while I was on a roll I made some boxers for my boys, they gave me the strangest looks when I presented them.

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